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Leading distributor in the Russian healthcare market
Leading distributor in the Russian healthcare market
Making your healthcare technologies accessible in Russia and the CIS
Our partners enjoy all the advantages of a wide distribution network, we offer business processes and ready solutions.

Great sales

of medical devices and consumables

We offer equipment and materials to almost all the group of clients in the healthcare system. Delrus has a large client base, deliveries to more than 1000 settlements and thousands of loyal customers.

We, perhaps, have the largest regional distributor network in Europe. The network includes 74 sales offices. Our company's regional network encompasses a population of 225 million people. The offices are open daily from 9am to 6pm, and our customers' site is available on www.delrus.ru 24 hours.

We hold a well-developed infrastructure: by having office space, technical centers, warehousing, including facilities with special storage conditions and vehicles fleet. Our personal medical advisors, the warehouse staff, and contract support work every day to ensure that customers in all corners of Russia receive the best service. The company's clients are advised by more than 500 medical representatives in the regions. A personal manager is assigned to each partner. The representative of the company knows everything about the client and completely solves issues related to the selection, purchase, supply, and service of medical equipment.


Full equipment

of hospitals, blood banks, and labs

Delrus has wide competencies and choices of specialists. Our success is in the intricate approach, that we demonstrate by working with each client. We do not just sell equipment but offer multiplex solutions. We design medical facilities, completing them with first-class equipment. Delrus guarantees quality and conformity with accepted standards.

Delrus uses the experience and numerous of technical solutions for the complex equipping of hospitals, blood banks, and perinatal centers. Due to financial stability, the company acts as an investor in private-state partnerships.

Комплексное оснащение

Technical service

of medical equipment

Service centers of the company operate in large cities of Russia and the CIS. Engineers of the Delrus service network are highly qualified specialists, constantly trained in equipment manufacturers in Russia and abroad. 310 service engineers support the operation of complex equipment in hospitals, laboratories, and private clinics so that medical devices remain a reliable tool for saving lives in the hands of doctors.

Техническое обслуживание

Key figures

place in 2016 among similar companies by the volume of sales in the market
loyal customers in 2016
sales managers
years of experience
items in stock and on order
production sites
world famous partners
offices in Russia and the CIS

Historical 26 years with Delrus

The company was founded in Yekaterinburg.
First steps
The brand "Delrus" was created, the medical branch becomes the leading role in the company. The first supplier of products was Green Cross company, and the first recipient — the Blood Center "Sangvis" in Yekaterinburg and the city blood transfusion station in Surgut. A subdivision in Moscow was opened.
More offices opened
The first technical center was opened and the Regional representations were created in St. Petersburg, Samara, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok.
The production and technical base in Yekaterinburg has been built.
New heights
Delrus in the new century: 220 suppliers, 9 regional centers, 40 regional offices.
Great facilities
The company holds more than 7,000 m2 areas of space.
Steritech and more
Factory Steritech is opened to produce medical solutions. The company holds 13 000 m2 area space of warehouses, 20 000 m2 of production space.
Quarter century
Delrus celebrated its 25-years anniversary.

Our customers

3700 loyal customers chose Delrus as a reliable partner and supplier in 2016
Medical facilities and commercial clinics
Clinical laboratories and research institutes
Veterinary clinics
Blood banks
Livestock farms
Food industry

Broad competence

The products we suggest cover 90% needs of the Russian market
Neonatology, obstetrics and gynecology
Anaesthesiology and resuscitation
Blood service and cell technologies
Cardiosurgery, X-ray surgery and arrhythmology
Sterilization and utilization of medical waste
Efferent methods of treatment and dialysis
Flexible and rigid endoscopy and gastroenterology
Surgery and general hospital equipment
Laboratory equipment
Traumatology and orthopedics
Beam diagnostics
Rehabilitation and functional diagnostics

These are some of the world famous manufacturers

that Delrus already works with

You have a solution, we already have a buyer

Our partners enjoy all the advantages of a wide distribution network, we offer business processes and ready solutions

Adherence to new technologies, the desire to develop the most advanced methods of treatment for people, have allowed the company to become a reliable partner of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment and materials. Over 290 leading manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies trust Delrus with promotion and sales in the territory of Russia and the CIS.

We offer flexible conditions to the manufacturers of medical equipments and consumable materials because Delrus takes on issues related to the registration and delivery of products to the client. Delrus opens a path for partners to the Russian market of medical equipment.

Certified activities

All the activities are licensed according to the Russian and international laws

Manufacturing facilities
in Eurasian Economic Union

aviable for our partners
Moscow region

Dubna medical plant

The production site was founded in 2004 in the city of Dubna, Moscow region. The enterprise produces disposable medical products made of polymer materials. Products we use in various fields of medicine meet modern requirements for quality and safety.The products are manufactured in clean rooms of class "C" - class 7 and "D" - class 8. Technological processes are organized in strict accordance with the requirements of the GMP standard. The main goal of the enterprise is the production of reliable, high-quality competitive products. Currently, "Viroban" produces more than 30 items, always increasing the range. All products are registered, and have the necessary permits.


Chistopol medical plant

Production Association "Delrus Chistopol" was established in May, 2013. The company became the first resident of the industrial park "Chistopol" in the Republic of Tatarstan. The factory was launched on November 15, 2013. The enterprise produces disposable caps, masks and gloves. The company's development process is related to the construction of the second stage of the plant and the release of new types of products, such as operating tables and medical shadowless lamps.

Ural region

Yekaterinburg production site

In Yekaterinburg "Delrus" holds the production site of medical supplies for blood services, sterilization, and hospital equipment. The equipment is known under brand "Leadcore". Leadcore offers medical and precautionary facilities, quality medical technologies that meet modern standards and safety requirements at a reasonable price. Leadcore's policy of the trademark is customer care, flexibility in work, optimized delivery times, timely quality warranty and service.

South region

Krasnodar plant of medical solutions

In 2007, the leaders of the Krasnodar region and Delrus signed an agreement on the development of the regional blood service, one of the results of which was the construction of the plant in Krasnodar. "Steritech" factory became the first in the Southern Federal District that produced infusion solutions in polyolefin soft containers. The enterprise specializes in the manufacturing of infusion solutions of large volumes. In 2011 the modernization was completed . Thanks to the implementation of the project, the capacity of the plant has increased threefold - to 12 million units per year. The production capacity makes it possible to meet 80% of Russia's need for infusion solutions.

For 26 years our company has maintained a reputation as a reliable partner, supplier and innovator in the field of health.
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